About Scottsdale Combine

Mission Statement

Scottsdale Combine is a strength, speed, and conditioning training facility, specifically designed for any competitive athlete to enhance performance. Our mission is to prepare an athlete for competition by implementing 3 foundational concepts.

Our Goal

  1. Set a solid foundation of the Primary and core lifts.  We will have a progression of exercises to increase the level of intensity to enhance physical performance.
  2. Educate and provide an optimal nutrition plan to build lean body mass and reduce body fat.
  3. Measure an athlete’s progress by using our test protocol

Who We Are

We are a team of local coaches and Certified Strength and conditioning specialists, coming together to develop the new standard of power. With our collective approach and commitment to excellence, we will give our athletes an advantage in any competitive environment. We will be meticulous in gathering information for the next level of competing. Our team of coaches will be highly organized, extremely educated, and committed to improve any athlete’s performance.

What We Do

As Strength and Conditioning specialists, we believe first in establishing a solid foundation of technique, form, and a progression of exercises in all of our primary lifts. Once our technique is obtained, progressing on to a higher level of intensity is a fundamental component of our approach.

We also have test protocols for Scottsdale Combine. An athletes first session is to measure initial power and speed in establishing a baseline. We will collect this information and input into our data bank. We will remeasure and track the progress by using the most innovative technology and equipment available. We also perform a Functional Movement screening, identifying muscle imbalances to implement corrective stretches and exercises.