Meal planing and goal setting

The Strength & Conditioning Specialists at Scottsdale Combine understand that one of the key components to our athletes success revolves around nutrition habits. We offer meal planning and goal setting services that educate athletes on the importance of nutrition as fuel for their bodies. A few of the topics that we cover:

Goal Setting: our Strength & Conditioning Specialists will work with each athlete to determine what their overall athletic goals are and create a comprehensive plan for them to achieve them.[/su_spoiler]

One on one athlete training

Scottsdale Combine’s 1 on 1 Training is very popular with athletes from various sports. This program allows our Strength & Conditioning Specialists to create a completely individualized program based on sport and position in a one-on-one setting.

Partner training

Similar to Scottsdale Combine’s 1 on 1 Training, our Partner Training or 2 to 1 training allows two athletes to in the same sport to work together with one of our Strength and Conditioning Specialists.  The program is created to each athlete’s individual goals; yet, this approach allows for the athletes to push and motivate each other through the process.

All sport group athlete performance training

Scottsdale Combine’s “all sport” training program emphasizes all elements of athletic performance, including strength, explosive power, speed, agility, balance, conditioning and flexibility, while also addressing any specific needs of the individual athlete.

Private Club or high school closed session team training

Scottsdale Combine works with various Scottsdale and Phoenix high school and club sports teams as their primary strength and conditioning providers. Our comprehensive training programs are geared for both male and female athletes of all ages and levels. All sessions are overseen by our Strength & Conditioning Specialists and are designed to not only increase athletic performance, but also improve team continuity.


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